Wednesday, 26 August 2015

NO TO EXPLOITATIVE BILLING - Ago-Okota Lagos Electricity Campaign Leaflet

Our agitation, struggle and protest against the incessant darkness with our slogan of ‘No light, NO PAYMENT’ over the past three months impacted tremendously on the improved service and supply of electricity to our community, currently. We cannot but thank and commend all residents of the Ago-Okota Community for the unity and support without which the success and the light we all enjoy will not have been possible. Dare to Struggle, Dare to WIN!

However the July 2015 current bill of between N11, 670 and N15, 000 is too much on the high side and is entirely unacceptable to residents. THIS IS ANOTHER WAKEUP CALL. NO PAYMENT, NO DISCONNECTION! WE WON’T PAY, WE CAN’T PAY!  The agitation for a 24hrs all round electricity supply should not be for the rich alone. With the question of increase in tariff still under legal disputation, why this exploitative billing? WE SAY NO TO CRAZY BILLS! With minimum wage officially at N18, 000 how is that IKEJADISCO wants to STEAL over 80% of the average minimum wage in the country from our pockets. Haba with what will now meet our other basic needs.

A majority of people are not engaged in any mass factory production, beyond the domestic usage of electric bulbs, TV, radio, fridge, fans, pressing iron, which are not even under use most of the day when residents go for their daily struggle for survival. A billing beyond an average of N1, 500 monthly, is extremely exploitative bearing in mind that there are other essential needs that must necessarily be met. A situation where the annual total for electricity bill per family will equal or even shoot higher than the average rent for accommodation in Ago Palace/Okota is unacceptable.

While welcoming the possibility of the distribution of PRE-PAID METERS in the community by IKEJADISCO as a part of meeting our earlier agitation, we demand that this be done in earnest without any indirect attempt to exploit us through excessive electricity bills, especially when those with pre-paid meters in the community who also use the same quantity of power supply like the rest of us, are paying far less than N2,000 monthly. We therefore express our total rejection of the bills of July 2015, and call on all residents to commence a CAMPAIGN of non-payment! RETURN YOUR BILLS. WE WON’T PAY WE CAN’T PAY! DIVIDED WE FALL, UNITED WE STAND!!
RALLY/PROTEST - Saturday, 29 August 2015/ 8:00am prompt
Take off Point 9 Mosebolaje street, Ago Palace, Okota, Lagos
Tel: 08034513073, 080337119268, 08027163821, 0835973048, 08056655908, 0706645661

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